A 2014 Retrospective

2014 has been an interesting year for me. Life has a way of reaching up and slapping you down - which is a theme in the work when I look at it. Some of the people and places in the images have changed for better and worse. As this fall begins and the final quarter of 2014 is before us (unless you mean financially at which point we’re in 2015!) I realized I had taken far fewer images than I would have desired at this point. This of course is only half true - tons of images and video I have shot this year cannot yet be released for legal reasons - but my private portfolio felt lacking some what. This retrospective serves two functions: an evaluation of some images I have and have not released but also as a reminder to shoot more. Hopefully if you are reading this you are too.

(Sadly Tumblr can’t seem to upload the 10th image, it will be on my website however)

Morro Bay


(A 2014 Retrospective)

Ominous No. 10

Ominous No. 9

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And it begins…

Printing is underway for Aberration, opening this week here in Ft Collins.